Meet Ibrahim, a gangster who runs a crime syndicate. "Ibee" embraces America and makes a good living doing "soft" crimes such as gambling and prostituiton which most people ignore. He attempts to reconcile his conscience when it becomes apparent his family is getting more deeply involded with Al Qaeda.

The coming Jihad eventually takes over his life, his family, and all his hopes for the future. We are brought into the shadow world of crimes used to fund terror, shifting alliances, and intrigue, all through the efforts of a new Detective who finds a "routine murder" leads to a trail of death, sexual slavery, and eventually the Al Qaeda master plan itself...

Sirona Studios brings an award winning Producer/Director together with a cast and crew who will create magic that we have not seen since the classic films of the 30's and 40's.

"Crimson Shadows" will be filmed in the Film Noir style used in films such as Casablanca, Laura, The Third Man, and the Maltese Falcon. An original score will be composed by a 3 time Emmy award winning composer. The plots twists and turns leading to a climatic flourish that will leave you breathless.