Character Descriptions




A Muslim Mob Boss, Ibrahim holds court out of his arcade on a Boardwalk. He is the head of the family involved in gambling, prostitution, smuggling, and extortion. With the assistance of the police and ploiticians, Ibrahim sticks to what he considers petty crimes, vices which most people can overlook and many secretly benefit from. He wants the best for his daughters and holds out hope that they will have all the opportunites that America can offer.

A just man, "Ibee" tries to be a good Muslim even though he knows his activities conflict with his faith. He struggles to blend into American society while still being a devout Muslim. He is tormented by a dark secret which challeges him as the Jihad comes to his front door. At first he thinks he can manage the Jihad just as he manages the family affairs; however, he soon finds that not only is he drawn into the vortex of the Jihad but his whole family is caught into it as well along with shifting alliances, dark secrets, terrorist plots, sexual slavery and murder.



Having moved from Texas to Boston 5 years ago, Jennifer continue to feel like an outsider and she struggles for respect from her male chauvinist colleges who think she is a rube and unqualified for the job. They make her the butt of jokes in the department an try to trip her up. She is given her first assignment, a "routine" murder investigation, only to find it is anything but as she follows the trail of clues that lead to multiple deceptions and plot twists.

Jennifer is a single mother more obsessed with making her mark on the force than caring for her rebellious daughter Kristin, who resents her long hours on the job and gets caught up with the Jihad. Jennifer turns to alcohol to cope with the stress and managers to hide her alcoholism from all but her daughter, it is the crutch she uses to mend from a bitter divorce and to keep up with her male colleges who she has to fight for respect.





The younger brother of Ibrahim, T'ariq feels slighted thinking he should have been the boss of the family. T'ariq is a cynical man who hates America and has disdain for women. He runs a strip club as part of the family business but also runs a secret Al Qaeda operation on the side. T'ariq is somewhat a hypocrite as he enjoys Hershey bars, drinks alcohol and has men's magazines throughout his office. T'ariq is a jovial man most of the time but in an instant he can snap into a dark place. Then his dead eyes and scowling face reveal his true nature. T'ariq enjoys killing, a trait he has in common with Ziad. Tariq readily joins the Jihad thinking this is his moment to have complete power only to find out the Jihad has a power of it's own.



As a new arrival to America, Ziad tries to impress Ibrahim with his "business skills" He is a scrounger, stealing items from container ships and finding products that "fell off the camel". Ziad wants Ibahim's trust but his dual life catches up with him. He can not control his temper or his lust; he is known to rape women in alleys and acts in an undisciplined and reckless manner. Ziad can't sit still for long, he looses interest in things quickly, never being able to focus on any one thing too long, he stutters and tends to fondle his Jimballa (curved Arab dagger). He enjoys inflicting pain on others and has a demented laugh that send chills down your spine. Ziad feels he is not appreciated and has a bit of a Napoleon complex. Ibee has sent him to work with T'ariq but even T'ariq knows not to fully trust Ziad, a young man with something to prove; the Jihad is just the vehicle he needs to focus his anger.





While playing the role of a submissive wife to Ibrahim, Hanan is much more than she appears. She is secretly involved in the Jihad and will go to extremes to carry out the terror plots. Hanan does not love Ibrahim; they were married in an arranged marriage as was the custom back home. She is a neat freak and straightens things up compulsively and blames all bad things on the decadent American society. She is also fearful that her two daughters are being corrupted by the decadent American society. Hanan turns out to be much smarter than she pretends, she is ruthless and determined to bring down the decadent American society and replace it with Sharia Law.




Good natured friend, cold hearted killer, Samir is a man with 2 distinct sides. Samir is in the protection end of the business. He enjoys joking about the Jews, expressing his hate over all things American and comes to embraces the Jihad. This mutual hate and his closeness in age to Ziad has tied the 2 young men together but as Ziad goes deeper into his depravity, Samir is drawn in and must decide how far he is willing to go.


Ibrahim's Cousin, Pasha is the family money launder, he is good natured, stable, and Ibrahim's confidant. Pasha was tortured by militants back home and walks with a limp that forces him to drag his leg to the side. Pasha is also Rashad's father and because he is soft spoken and chooses his words carefully, he is seen as a possible double agent; T'ariq tests his loyalty to the Jihad as he fears he is too close to Ibee. Pasha is forced to chose and form an alliance with "the winning side"; hopefully he chose wisely as the wrong decision could be fatal.




Grandfather Abraham:

A concentration camp survivor, Grandfather Abraham moved to Israel after the war and was an army officer until he retired in the 90's after Jacob's parents were killed in an uprising. He took custody of his grandson and moved to America to start a new life. He has no love for Arabs or Muslims of any kind but has big hopes for his Grandson, the last of the Mendelson family line. Grandfather Abraham is full of life and often very playful. He adores Jasmin but knows her as Judith. Like many people of advanced years, Grandfather Abraham shows his wisdom in a time of trial.





Ibrahim's youngest daughter, Laila delights in shocking her parents by playing the role of a lesbian tart, something forbidden in her religion. Laila embraces the Jihad and helps to ensnare young women into the sex slave ring. It is all a game to Laila, she enjoys making lesbian gestures behind her parents back, sucks lollypops, takes drugs, and dresses younger than her age with her hair in a single pony tail off to the side. Laila is lost in a self destructive haze, a world of her own making; it is all a fantasy to her but she comes to learn (too late), that the Jihad is definitely not a game.




Ibrahim's older daughter, Jasmin is involved in deceptions of her own. She is having a secret relationship with a Jewish Boy. She loves American life and all it has to offer. Jasmin loves her father but instinctively fears her mother. While she loves a Jew, she would never leave her faith and she wants to make a blended relationship work as this is the hope of America. Jasmin is practical, sweet and demur; she is the daughter every father dreams of. She now finds herself caught up in a challenge to her faith as extremist do things in the name of her faith and this is contrary to everything she believes her faith to be. She worries that the few extremists will tarnish all the truly good people in her faith and fears for the future.



The playful daughter of Jennifer, Kristin is the best friend of Ibee's younger daughter, Laila. Kristin acts out to shock and defy her mother as she is angry at her for spending so much time at work. Kristin she feels her mother is weak because she takes to the bottle, however this does not seem to affect Kristin in her own abusive behavior(drugs and cutting). She joins Laila in self destructive games and joins the Jihad which is only another game to her only to find out too late that the Jihad is deadly serious.




A dutiful grandson, Jacob works in his Grandfather's Bagel shop whenever he can as he and Jasmin go to the same University. Jacob is known as Jamal for the Aziz family; He wants to tell the truth and waits for the right time. He is deeply in love with Jasmin and is not afraid to show his love, in contrast to the demure Jasmin. Jacob is an idealist who like many young people, wants to change the world and is in a hurry to make it happen.



A sweet girl who gets corrupted by Laila and Kristin for their amusement. Rashad is Pasha's daughter, she is innocent and curious about what she is missing but in the end, has more sense than Laila and Kristin combined.


Homicide Detectives


Eddie is a corrupt cop and a jerk, he is the type of guy that enjoys making fun of women and even other guys shun away from him. Eddie delights in taunting Jennifer, he does not trust anyone not from Boston, let alone Texas where he is convinced they are all "hicks". Eddie is convinced Jennifer is an affirmative action placement and placed in his department solely to give him a hard time. At one time or another, each of us has met this guy, women especially know an "Eddie" or two.


Good natured detective that goes along with Eddie's antics, Larry laughs easily and enjoys making pantomime gestures behind Jennifer's back. Larry is insecure so he looks to Eddie for his validation; he is a guy that in better circumstances, could rise up to improve himself.


While Larry and Eddie are in their late 20's, Bob is in his late 40's and feels out of place. He goes along with Eddie's antics since it is clear Eddie is the chief's favorite. He wants to help Jennifer but sees he is out numbered so he avoids any confrontation. Bob also tries to do a good job and avoids Eddie's corruption but not his "wit", or should we say "nit wit". Bob is the typical guy in the "gray flannel suit", just a company man.


Chief Patrick Mulcahy:

The Chief is on the take and is an informant to Ibrahim. He uses Eddie for his corrupt activities and he does not think much of Jennifer. He fully expects she will fail and embarrass the department. Like "Ibee", the Chief is just a little corrupt (a little bit pregnant) and he rationalizes his misdeeds as they are minor and do not involve drugs or hard crime. Jennifer eventually gains his respect.



Russian Mobsters


A dignified Russian Mob Boss, Alexei talks in slow deliberative ways, he is a chain smoker and smokes a cigarette in a holder with smoke always swirling around him. Alexei is an arms dealer among other things and he has some interesting and unexpected connections. A bit of a passive-aggressive personality, Alexei studies his opponents and looks for weaknesses. He is a good judge of character and while a Mob Boss, like Ibrahim, he has his standards and "ethics". Alexei also has a link to the past that is revealed in an unexpected plot twist.




A thug with a hair trigger personality, Dimitri will throw his knifes at the drop of a hat and does Alexei's bidding without question, he is dubious about any foreigners (non Russians) and expects betrayal. Dimitri is no ladies man, he has a shaggy beard, long overcoat, and an unkempt appearance (think Rasputin). Still, Alexi tolerates this and it is clear the men are devoted to each other. Dimitri has steely eyes that seem to look right through you, it is clear you do not want to cross this character.

Hostages on the Bus


(A sweet and demure girl aged12 who looks just like Ibree's daughter Jasmin)


(Rebecca's best friend, age 12)


(Bat-Shua's sister age 15)


(Rebecca's Older sister age 15)


(Rebecca's secret love age 14)


(Absalom's best friend age 14)


Raya's 18 year old brother


(Rebecca's secret love age 14)

Bus Driver

(age 55)

Old Man

(age 75)

Male Teacher

(age 50)



Young Ibrahim

(age 17)


(age 28 and the leader with dead eyes)


(age 25)


(age 25)


(age 22)


FBI Agents


Agent Mussari:

An agent who is willing to do what it takes, somewhat like Serpico, he dumpster dives, does stake outs and has a friendly down home manner. Agent Mussari is nearly the opposite of his partner; a former Texas Ranger, Agent Mussari inspires confidence with his laid back demeanor and easy smile. Jennifer looks at him as a possible love interest.



A dancer in charge of supervising the girls, Ginger is T'ariq's right hand but does not get the respect she deserves, because of this, she is seen as a possible FBI informant.


Jewelry Store Family:


Precise jeweler with a full beard, thick glasses, and an even thicker Yiddish accent. He has a boisterous laugh and a tender heart.


Friendly and engaging, overprotective and like her husband, she has a heavy Yiddish accent


College student helping the family in his time off, Samuel is a dutiful all American son


Sweet and demur, Sarah is much like Jasmin, the perfect daughter

Jewelry Store Customer:

A young Man around 25 and in love

Coroner :

A small woman, less than 5 feet tall; she has a high voice and smokes during autopsies

Icy Icy Man on Boardwalk:

We are hoping to get a great local actor for a cameo, stay tuned


(guard in passage)

Heavyset Middle Eastern looking male 35-55


Black female with a heart of gold age 30-70

Runaway Girl:

Girl from midwest

White, blonde, cute and vulnerable, ages 14-18

Customer #1

Lecherous Hispanic Man, ages 28-55

Tied Up Girl

Any ethnicity but white, vulnerable and fearful with a chilling scream, ages 13-17.

Man in Apron

Any ethnicity but white, ages 35-65.

Frightened Girl

Any ethnicity but white, ages 11-16

Terrorist #1

Middle eastern looking man age 17-25




Voice Overs Parts:


"female radio voice"

Iman Al Bashir

"fanatical and angry voice male voice with a distinct accent"

News Reporter

"typcial reporter voice over, male or female"

Phone Voice

This is Alexei



Boy and Girl

ages 8-12 flying kites on the beach


age 8-14playing frisbee with his dog


15 people in business attire, ages 20-80.

"rough kids"

ages 13-16 (stealing hubcaps)


2 couples ages 20-30 carrying coolers on the beach


Woman in Berka (Middle Eastern looking age 35-60)

Al Qaeda thugs:

5 Arab looking males ages 18-30


Exotic male age 25-60 with hair like a lions mane


Heavyset Middle Eastern looking man age 35-60.


Obese middle eastern looking male 25-35

Police Officers:

4 males, any ethnicity; ages 20-50, 3 need to look good in uniform, one can be overweight

Belly dancers:

2 experienced dancers ages 21-35 (no nudity)

Pole Dancers:

4 experienced dancers ages 21-35 (nudity)

Captured girls

ages 13-17, Hispanic Girl #1/Girl #2/Girl #3

Runaway Girl:

from Omaha-blonde hair, age 15-17

Captured girls on boat

(3 Hispanic and 1 Asian looking girl ages 13-17)

Hispanic Girl on big wheel (age 3-5)

A cute, savvy girl with wisdom beyond her years

Girls playing on the block:

5 Hispanic and one Asian Middle school girl-girls

Customer #1:

Man (35-75), a bit nervous

Customers in Arabian Nights Club:

25 extras needed, men and women ages 21-50 with 2 older patrons (horny old men) ages 60 plus

Customers in Arcade:

5 men ages 25-50, 3 women ages 25-50, 10 children ages 8-16

People on Boardwalk:

A mix of 50 people, all ages

Students on Campus:

7 men, 5 woman ages 18-28

People on movie line:

6 males, 6 females ages 21-60

People in Charles River Park:

20 people, all ages

Fans in the stands at the Softball game:

A mix of 50 men, women, and children ages 30-70 for the adults and 9-18 for the kids, all but 8 need to be white for this scene, it serves a larger purpose for the movie

Girls on the Beach (ages 4-6)

4 Hispanic, 1 White, 1 Asian

Captured girl

in opening sequence on the row boat/ "dead body" on beach, floating girl and girl on autopsy table (age 13-16)

Mysterious Man
Middle Eastern looking man age 50-65

A Saulke, Sharifa is the beloved Aziz family pet.


Laila's Savannah Cat (domesticated Servil Cat)

Panhandler/bum on boardwalk

a guy who looks like our director in a cameo