Casting Call Information

Please check the character list link on this website under Crimson Shadows. You may also want to dress in costume appropriate to the character for some of your portfolio pictures but this is not necessary. We will announce calls once financing is secured. Calls will be in Massachusetts, New York and LA.

Screentests will be by appointment and the calls we be first come first served .Please note this is a SAG production, we are looking for SAG actors and Sag eligible actors, we also have a number of parts for extras.

No role will be filled until all calls are complete. Roles will be awarded by merit and merit alone.

Info for calls:

Please bring resumes, portfolios, and/or comp cards, monologues are ok but please limit them to 3 minutes, it is also helpful if you have read the cast descriptions and have an idea of the part (s) you want to be considered for. Make sure you are prepared, parents with children, please let us interview them with you off to the side, it is important to see how well they work with strangers (we are not that strange) and how they can follow directions. When you come to a call, please go to the desk on the right side, a crew member will provide you with paperwork to complete and each has a number so we are able to interview people as they come in. As this is an open room, kindly leave the room if you need to talk, most people in a call are nervous so please take that into consideration, we are sure you would appreciate the same from others. Since we need a lot of extras, there is a good chance you will be selected for at least that. This can be a lot of fun, typically a day shoot and you get to hang with us for the day, since many of these scenes are near the beach, we suggest bringing along bathing suits as once we wrap for the day, we are all jumping in.

Attn. Actors under 18 will need to bring a parent or legal guardian to review and sign the appropriate paperwork in order to do the screen test, this is a basic release to to the test, If offered a role, additional paperwork will be provided with more details.

Nudity: The dancers in the Men's club "Arabian Nights" will be partially nude for the R version and fully nude in the DVD "Directors cut". It is also filmed at a distance resulting in a soft focus at best. If applying for one of these roles, prior dance experience will be helpful. For the other actors, these scenes are done indoors on a closed set. Only the crew needed and the key actors will be allowed on those film days. The dancers are needed to make the scene work, please note, no dancers or actors under 18 will be allowed on the set during this shoot.

Wrap Party: All actors, extras, and crew are welcome to attend the Wrap Party. We will have Arabian Nights theme presentations and other activities and surprises.

Actors with disabilities that may require accommodations, please contact us and let us know your needs. Kindly note the Marriot is handicapped accessable per ANSI standards. Handicapped parking is adjacent to the front entrance. We are also committed to working with actors with disabilities so please do not rule yourself out. Check the site regularly for updates